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Integrated Solutions

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Representing majority of the outstanding steel tube equipment manufacturers in China, PHAMITECH International, since set up in 2003, is committed and dedicated to provide the most cost effective and reliable products to customers worldwide. Courage, imagination and vision were the prime ingredients that were embedded into the formation of the company. The experience, flexibility, and ability to integrate all solutions available and to tailor our solutions to satisfy the diverse customer requirements have sustained the successful development of PHAMITECH to become the most important supplier of Chinese pipe mills on the global market.
Piercing Mill
Cone type piercer, diameter up to 1000mm
Stretch Reducing Mill
More than 40 sets of 3-roll Stretch Reducing Mill / Sizing...
Sales Statistics
sales figures in output powers and in year for solid state...

Phamitech's aftermarket service team offers comprehensive services and supports to satisfy customers worldwide. Customers benefit from our highly skilled on-site field service engineers and our 24/7 technical support...

Installation and commissioning
Breakdown Support
Maintenance Contracts
Spare parts
Refurbishment and Upgrades