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Internal Welding System
The mechanism and device of the internal submerged arc welder are the components of the four wire internal submerged arc welder. It is used to perform tube welding and conveying. The welding process is synchronizing with the movement of the tube-carrying cart, which carries tubing on its rotation rollers. The whole welding process includes receiving tubing from the upstream process, rotating tubing, welding, and transferring tubing to the next process. Tubing is rotated by two sets of rotation roller to align the weld seam and is transferred by three sets of convoy roller to the next process.
During the transfer, three angled blocks raises the middle of the convoy roller sets to prevent interference between the conveyor set and the rotation roller sets.
The welding process starts with raising conveyor roller sets and move tubing to position. The tube carrying cart is driven by the gear rack mounted on the track. When the cart moves downward tubing is dropped to the rotation rollers from the convoy rollers. When the cart moves the tubing to the welding position, the tubing will clear the convoy rollers. After the tubing is in the welding position, the rotation roller aligns the weld seam edge below the welding head.
The conductive device is lowered to contact the tubing. Welding flux is dropped to the weld seam edge from the funnel. Then the operator pushes the "welding" button to turn on the switch. The wire feeding device sends the welding wire to the welding seam. After arc is generated on the arc-generating board, welding process starts. At this moment, the speed of the tube-carrying cart matches the welding speed. The operator monitors the welding process at the control platform. After the operator pushes the “Stop” button, the arc stops on the arc quenching board and finishes the welding process.
The cart stops and reverses back to its original position waiting to receive next tubing. An inclined device raises the tube and delivers the tubing to the next process.