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Integrated Solutions
Continuous Casting + PSW
Phamitech is the supplier for complete copper tube plant that can manufacture Inner Grooved Copper Tubes, Plain Copper Tubes, Capillary Copper Tubes, Pancake Coiled Copper Tubes, Plumbing Copper Tubes, Brass tubes, etc. We are in a position to supply all 3 main technologies of copper tube manufacturing - 1) continuous casting + PSW; 2) extrusion + Pilger; 3) HF welding.
1) Continuous casting + PSW
Since 2001, we have completed 36 turn key projects of Continuous Casting and Rolling Production Lines for precision copper tubes both in domestic and international market. Our products have been exported to USA, Mexico, South Korea, Malaysia, Iran, etc. and obtained good reputation.
Now we (including our partner) are the only one in the world that is able to supply precision copper tube Continuous Casting and Rolling Technology and complete line of equipment.

Continuous Casting Furnace

Surface Milling Machine

Planetary Roll Mill

Annealing Furnace

Spinner Block

Inner Grooving Machine

Level Rewinder

Pancake Length Cutting Machine

Horizontal continuous casting furnace
PH-LZ750 Horizontal continuous casting furnace is the newest copper tube shell continuous casting machine. It consists of melting furnace, holding furnace, electrical control system, furnace platform, shell pull device, cutting saw, crystallization, shell stocking table and convey table and water cooling system. And the technology has got the nation patent.
Surface Mill
PH-XX90 Cyclone Surface Mill is the equipment especially designed for the shell tube surface treatment. The mill is compact in structure so take small floor area while has high efficiency. It mills the whole 360-degree of the shell tube at one time. And the technology has got the nation patent.
PH-XX90 consists of feeding straighten, main electric cabinet, scraps disposal device, cooling device and drawing machine. It uses inlayed hard alloy slice knife, which is easy sourced at low cost.
Milling thickness is adjusted by changing cutter diameter. Automatically dispose scraps, and separate the emulsification liquid and copper scraps. The entrance feeding straighten can straighten the shell tube.
Planetary Rolling Mill
PH-SG90 PSW Rolling Mill (hereafter called rolling mill) is the most important piece of equipment for casting & rolling process copper tube production. The equipment has reached international standard and obtained Chinese patent.
The main motor drives the main shaft and through the differential gear drives the rolls; the second motor drives the planetary shaft and gives an additional drive to the rolls. The rolled tube can be kept not rotating by adjustment of the speed of the second motor, which makes it possible to produce super long tube for on line recoiling.
The feeding material for the rolling mill is the shell tube. The rolling temperature can reach to 700℃-850℃ during the rolling due to the high reduction (elongation is 12-16 times) at fast reduction speed. Then good recrystalization will happen after the rolling by the water cooling applied to the tube which makes the rolled tube good draw capability, small tolerance on tube wall thickness. One tube weight is up to 1000kg.
Combined drawing machine
PH-LH combined draw machine is used to draw the mother tube rolled by the PSW rolling mill. This draw machine will further reduce the OD and wall thickness with high accuracy and efficiency. This draw can reduce the passes of the tube by the spinner block. Because of the certain harness obtained from this draw machine, tube can be drawn at high speed by the spinner block. Tube in coil or cut length straight tube can be produced by this set of machine. An U type dancer is used to synchronize the speed of two machines.
Spinner Block
PH-DL2200 spinner block is a high efficiency equipment to draw big size copper tube into desired size at high speed.
1. The spinner block is composed of coil pay off, spinner block, coil basket circulation system, tube pointer, oil filler, pneumatic system, hydraulic system and electrical control system.
2. Coil pay off, coil winding and main working parts are powered by DC motor, by which the speed can be well controlled and tracked.
3. The equipment has several advanced technical features such as slope tube presser, drawn and shear tension force release system, hard spiral bevel gear and bevel wheel for main reducer rather than worm wheel, high speed drawn tension vibration absorber and low speed big torque hydraulic motor to drive the coil basket.
4. Automatic control system features in PLC control and hydraulic inter-locked system. When malfunction occurs, the system automatically alarms and even stops when the tube is broken.
On Line Annealor
PH-LST On line annealor is a new generation of copper tube annealing equipment. It takes small floor area with low energy consumption and high productivity. The annealed tube can meet down stream process requirement. It consists of Pay off, Speed-control unit, Monitor system, Tube clamp and transporting rolls, Cleaning device, Straightener, Mid-frequency heat furnace, Drawing machine, Air dry, Pre-tender, Coil receiver, Water-cooling system, PLC control and AC inverter.
Inner Grooving Machine
PH-D inner groove machine (hereafter called PH-D) is the latest designed and developed inner grooved copper tube shaping machine by us. It has the following: coil pay off straightening, shaping, drawing, coil receiving. It is used to produce Ø 5-Ø 10mm IG tube.
PH-D Machine combines many new technologies such as variable-frequency speed regulator applied in the power system, super-high speed rotating system used in the shaping process, continuous-drawing applied in the drawing process, and PLC system applied for controlling to ensure a good working condition of the equipment.
Length Cutter and Pancake Machine
This machine is used to produce pancake or certain cut length tube. Tube pancake can be easily annealed, transported, stored or used for site installation. The machine is easy to operate.
Length cutting machine
This kind of machine mainly used to produce certain length straight tube, the cleaning of tube inside and outside and last process after cutter should be down by manual.
Level Rewinder
PH-JZS Level Rewinder (hereafter called PH-JZS) is used to form LWC. PH-JZS is designed and produced with the latest new technology. The machine is compact-designed for stable performance of rewinding with high efficiency,. The speed range is wide. The tension force can be adjusted. Hydraulic press and core exit system have own features. The control is done by PLC.
The machine has all the functions from of coil pay off, pre-straightening, cleaning, horizontal straightening, vertical straightening, drying, length measuring, pre-oval shaping, pre-bending and rewinding. The machine has technical measures and good control system to ensure those functions performed.
Pay off, straightening and rewinding are all driven by good international brand speed control system so as to simplify the design and to achieve the speed adjusting result.
The equipment will automatically alarm for malfunction and shut down when material runs out. The temporary stop of the equipment during rewinding does not affect the pre-set stress and rewinding parameter.
Continuous Annealing Furnace
1. General description and specification
PH-LTC continuous annealing furnace is the latest annealing furnace developed by us for the annealing of LWC and straight cut length tube. The furnace consists of front and end vacuum chamber, front and end cushion chamber, heating chamber, cooling chamber, trolley, tube stacking plat form as well as circulation rail. The furnace has two flushing systems to clean the furnace internal and internal tube. The annealing is done under N2 circumstance. The heating power is electricity. Enforced convection and special designed heat exchanger ensures good and even heating and cooling and shortens the heating and cooling time. Except the main body of the machine, there are additional auxiliary devices such as vacuum system, N2 supply system, compress air system as well as tube loading and unloading support device.
2. Main Features
The furnace has 6 process steps with 12 sections, 2 vacuum sections, 2 cushion sections, 3 heating sections and 5 cooling sections. The furnace has both tube inside and outside flushing device to ensure the cleanness of the tube. Sealing door is located at each section and the sealing is done by cylinder. The copper tube is moving from each section at the set time cycle.