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Features of new version solid state H.F. welder

The solid state H.F. welder utilizes high-power MOSFET IXFN38N100Q2 38A/1000V and fast recovery diode DSEI 2×61-12B 60A/1200V from IXYS Germany to form inverting circuit in series (VFI).  

Modularized design enabling more compact structure, easier maintenance and high power realization.

Equipment safety guaranteed by unique bridge-divided over-current protection technology.

Advanced control technology such as fixed angle phase-locking control, upper / lower limit frequency lock-lost protection and so on to make the equipment more stable and more efficient; and more accurate and effective protection to the inductor open circuit and short circuit problem during pipe welding.

The solid state H.F. welder is designed with advanced electronic load matching technology (PS+PWM control), which can ensure the welder working always at the highest efficiency, max power factor (>0.9) and optimal load matching status, and to realize the most simple switchover between induction welding and contact welding mode. 

Speed-power closed-loop control system (option) can improve welding efficiency and reduces technical adjustment period. 

Step-up /step-down rectifier transformer for HF welder power supply is not required, which has obvious energy-saving benefits compared with electron tube welder or parallel type solid state welder.

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